Windows 7 - 100 Most Asked Questions

Windows 7   - 100 Most Asked Questions

 Windows 7   - 100 Most Asked Questions


Pub : Emereo Pty Ltd  | Donald Nelson | English | ISBN: 1921573430  | PDF  | 188 Pages   | 6.75 MB


Windows 7 is full of great new features and enhancements and was built around users feedback, so you'll see a lot of things you've asked for. Is Windows 7 the answer to all the questions that Windows Vista poses? Windows 7 is fast, stable and far more reliable than you'd expect.

Microsoft has made its intentions clear:  Windows 7 is intended to right the wrongs Vista wrought, but retain that operating system's good points. The OS will be quicker than Vista, which can only be a good thing.

And while it doesn't include major new features, take the time to explore and you'll find lots of useful changes that will make a real difference in how you use your PC. Like any version of Windows there are various tips, tweaks and hacks you can perform to get your PC working the way you want it.

This book guides you through the 100 most asked questions on Windows 7 and on how to get the most from your Windows 7 installation and much more………………………………..