Visual C# 2010 Recipes : A Problem-Solution Approach

Visual C# 2010 Recipes :  A Problem-Solution Approach

Visual C# 2010 Recipes :  A Problem-Solution Approach

[Allen Jones, Adam Freeman, Matthew MacDonald, Rakesh Rajan]


Publisher – Apress   |   English | ISBN13: 978-1-4302-2525-6 | ISBN10: 1-4302-2525-4 | 1017 Pages |   6.2 Mb


Mastering the development of .NET 4.0 applications in C# is less about knowing the Visual C# 2010 language and more about knowing how to use the functionality of the .NET Framework class library most effectively. Visual C# 2010 Recipes explores the breadth of the .NET Framework class library and provides specific solutions to common and interesting programming problems. Each recipe is presented in a succinct problem/solution format and is accompanied by a working code sample to help you understand the concept and quickly apply it.

When you are facing a Visual C# 2010 problem, this book likely contains a recipe that provides you with the solution–or at least points you in the right direction. Even if you are simply looking to broaden your knowledge of the .NET Framework class library, then Visual C# 2010 Recipes is the perfect resource to assist you.


This is a fully up-to-date reference for .NET 4.0 programmers. All code samples come as stand-alone Visual Studio 2010 solutions for your convenience.


What you’ll learn

  • * Clear, concise answers to myriad problems that occur during day-to-day C# 2010 development
  • * How to write code according to Microsoft’s best practice guidelines
  • * Answers to questions covering everything from workflow to XML processing


Who is this book for ?

While there are few developers who do not stand to learn something from this book’s concise, solution-oriented format, it is primarily aimed at emerging software professionals taking their first steps into the IT marketplace. These newly qualified and relatively inexperienced developers will gain the most from the book’s comprehensive content and fast-access design, which is aimed at helping them cope with the problems and pitfalls that regularly occur when learning a new technology.




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