The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Electrical Repair

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Electrical Repair

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Electrical Repair


Terry Meany |   English | ISBN : 0-7865-4938-6 | PDF | 432 Pages | 6.38 Mb


This book is set up to give you a broad overview of electricity and systems first and follow up with actual projects, starting with the simplest. It's not an apprenticeship, but you'll have enough information to evaluate your system and make intelligent decisions about its condition and any need to upgrade. And you'll be a little more savvy when hiring an electrician


Electrical wiring, fixtures, and appliances have been part of our homes for almost a century, and they've been a wonder, unless your system is almost a century old! Then you have to wonder if it's safe, let alone satisfactory to meet the demands of a modern lifestyle. Even if you have a newer system, you may still want to make additions to it and extend its capabilities. In principle, this is just another remodeling job, but we treat wiring differently. Adding a circuit isn't the same as adding a cabinet. The chapters that follow will give you a better understanding of just what electricity is and how wiring systems work. We'll walk through the steps for everything from re¬placing a switch to wiring a bathroom. As you read, the mystery will slowly wear off as you start planning more lights, receptacles, and upgrades. You can even automate your house and set it up like one of the bad guy's fortresses in a James Bond movie.


Your work must always follow your local codes. Beyond that, you can add circuits and gadgets to your heart's content. How this book is organized:


Part 1, "The Basics: Out of the Dark Ages" : Before you do any electrical project, you need to know how your system works, where all those wires go, and what a service panel does. Snoop around your panel or fuse box and check out all of your electrical devices so you'll know what you're dealing with.


Part 2, "Safety, Tools, and Contractors" : Many construction companies claim that safety is their first concern, and it should be yours, too, especially when you work around electricity. The right tools are always a must, whether you buy, borrow, or rent them. A few words about contractors are included here, too, should you decide to hire the work out.


Part 3, "Components and Simple Repairs" : You have to start somewhere, so I'll start with defining switches, receptacles, and fixtures and then discuss how to repair and replace them. Troubleshooting skills will make some repairs easier and faster.


Part 4, "Power Hungry" : Part 4 deals with the big jobs: a new service panel and running circuits to kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoors. If you don't have gas or oil, you should read about electric heat (air conditioning, too).


Part 5, "Refinements" : Once you've taken care of the basics, you'll want to do more. Workrooms, low-voltage wiring, and security systems all have their say in this part. And who doesn't need a doorbell? Finally, a few thoughts on conserving electricity.