Techsmith Snagit 10.0.0 build 788 (Portable)

Techsmith Snagit 10.0.0 build 788 (Portable)

Techsmith Snagit 10.0.0 build 788 (Portable)   |   28 Mb


SnagIt, the award-winning leader in screen-capture software. Using SnagIt, you can select and capture anything on your screen, then easily add text, arrows, or effects, and save the capture to a file or share it immediately by e-mail or IM. Capture and share an article, image, or Web page directly from your screen. Or, capture and share any part of any application that runs on your PC.


All in one pack contains :

Plus improvements

  • ·         Added All-in-One capture.
  • ·         Improved scrolling capture.
  • ·         Improved text capture.
  • ·         Improved region capture and region autoscroll capture.
  • ·         Added transparency to Editor.
  • ·         Added ability to capture transparency.
  • ·         Added ability to change Snagit's color theme.
  • ·         Added a Page Curl effect.
  • ·         Enhanced the Cutout tool.
  • ·         Improved Snagit's performance.
  • ·         Added a Getting Started .snag file to Editor.
  • ·         Fixed a bug capturing Japanese text in text capture mode.
  • ·         Fixed a problem with the magnifier window continuing to display during a region capture.
  • ·         Fixed a memory leak caused by a timer-activated text capture.
  • ·         Added support for Windows 7.
  • ·         Added a preview window to the Save as dialog box.
  • ·         Added default install of output with thumbnail and URL option.
  • ·         Added the ability to rotate text boxes.
  • ·         Restored custom trim.
  • ·         Added deleted images now go to Recycle Bin.
  • ·         Added 1GB video capture warning.

Automatically save in one of 23 file formats, or send to the printer, to your e-mail, or to the clipboard.
Use SnagIt’s built-in editors to modify, annotate, and enhance your images and the Catalog Browser to organize your files. Increase your productivity while quickly creating professional presentations and flawless documentation. With powerful new features that allow you to edit previously placed objects, capture embedded links and add interactivity to your captures, SnagIt 8 makes it easier than ever before to capture, edit, and share anything on your screen.

The basic purpose of the program - removal of screenshots from the monitor screen, and SnagIt is able to do not only static graphic "pictures" of the selected area, but also, for example, record a video in what is happening on the screen, and capture an image from applications that use Direct X, DirectDraw and Direct 3D. Built-in editor allows you to add annotations to the description of the screenshot, something to emphasize, insert at neobhoimosti in the right place, for example, the arrow, etc. In addition, the program allows you to "pull" the text therefrom, whence it does not move with the Copy / Paste. From additional functions: support of work with scanners and digital cameras, as well as the possibility of automatic sending program made screenshots of the website. And lots of other little things: management hot keys, possibility to use preoptions, pulling icons and other graphics from EXE and DLL, removal of a screenshot from a web page that requires scrolling to view, and much more.



Features of SnagIt :


Capture – if you can see it, you can snag it! Don’t waste time cropping your captures. Snag exactly what you need, with just a click.

  • • Profiles make it easy. SnagIt comes with eleven preset buttons that make screen capture a cinch! Capture a region of your screen, text from a window, the contents of a tall page that scrolls, all the images on a Web page, you get the idea.
  • • Custom suits you. Don’t feel limited by the eleven profiles—create your own combinations for nearly unlimited capture possibilites. What’s that? You want to set up a keystroke that captures a menu along with the mouse pointer…adds a drop shadow…and sends the image directly to your blog? Sure, no problem!

Edit – the right tools, right now! You don’t need a million confusing options, you need the right tools at the right time. Unlike expensive, complex image editing suites, SnagIt makes everyday screen capture tasks one-click easy.

  •  • Say more with pictures+words. Use an arrow to direct attention. Add a text callout to explain clearly. Apply ready-made objects from the menus…and your picture is worth 1,000 more words!
  • • Look like a pro. Make your screenshot pop with a drop shadow. Give it perspective, spotlight an area, or add other nifty effects.
  • • Convey complex ideas simply. Combine multiple images, callouts, shapes, and clip art stamps into a rich and detailed information graphic.
  • • Have fun! Add a speech balloon to that photo of your cat.

Share – send captures where they need to go…instantly! Yes, you can save your captures in all the common—and a few uncommon—image formats. But with SnagIt’s free output accessories you can do so much more!

  • • Collaborate in a flash. Click a button to send a screen capture by email, AIM, or Skype.
  • • Be social. Share screenshots on Flickr. Post images directly to your blog. Publish to your Web site via FTP. No technical degree required!
  • • Get projects done quicker. Embed images directly into your Microsoft Office projects, MindManager map, or OneNote page.

Organize – SnagIt keeps track, so you don’t have to

  • • Save nothing…save everything. SnagIt stores every capture automatically and keeps the most recent visible. A huge timesaver!
  • • Find your stuff. Whether or not you saved it, find that capture later with the new visual search pane. Remember just one detail—like the approximate date or the Web site you captured—and find your capture instantly.
  • • Get organized (if you want to). As you capture images for next month’s big project, tag them with “big project” or set the “Important” flag. No need to save anything in folders…just come back next month and view all your big project files with a click!

Profiles : Here you can choose capture profiles such as Region for selecting a particular region of the screen, Window for capturing the window or active window, Full screen to capture the entire screen, etc.


Profile Settings Pane allows you to create a new capture by modifying an existing profile. You can save your new settings as an updated profile or as a new profile, or you can use the profile settings once and not save them. Other than this you can choose the output and apply some effects to the captured image.


Options can be used to set preferences such as capture cursor, set timer or delayed capture, capture multiple areas, etc.

Capture button performs the capture. You can use the default global hotkey, or customize the hotkey according to your requirement.


Quick Launch gives access to the SnagIt Editor and Images Organizer.


Related Tasks provides access to tasks such as Convert images, Turn on OneClick, Setup SnagIt printer, Organize profiles, and Manage Accessories. Profile settings are updated when a profile is selected in the Profiles pane. You can customize a capture by making changes to the settings before taking a capture.


System requirements :

  • ·         Microsoft Windows XP, Server, 2000 , Vista, or Windows 7.
  • ·         1.0 GHz processor (Recommended: 2.4 GHz)
  • ·         512 MB of RAM (Recommended: 1 GB or more)
  • ·         60 MB of hard-disk space for program installation
  • ·         Internet Explorer 7.0 or later required

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