Pizzicato Professional 3.5.1 (Portable)

Pizzicato Professional  3.5.1 (Portable)

Pizzicato Professional 3.5.1 (Portable)    |     42 Mb


Composing music is not only the privilege of the great music masters. You too can compose your music, songs and arrangements. Just as you use a word processor to write your mail, you can write, play, record, print and publish your music with Pizzicato, a music notation software. Yes, your notes, your music on paper with a professional quality. At home.


Features at a Glance :


Your Personal Music Notation And Composition Software


Pizzicato exists in three versions : Light, Beginner and Professional. You will find here a general description of their respective fields of application. See if you want the more detailed descriptions available through the left button bar. To select the version that will fit your needs, please use the table listing the differences between the versions.Learning and Mastering Music


Writing Small Scores


Pizzicato Light makes it possible to learn music and to approach a music software. It is a good companion to a music course followed in a Music School. With Pizzicato Light, the learning is easier for the student and the teacher can generate class materials quickly. But you can also use it just for fun. The program can edit small scores (1 or 2 pages) with a fixed page layout. It contains the full Pizzicato music course so that you may follow it and do the practical exercises.


Writing and Printing Music Scores


Pizzicato Beginner is dedicated to writing, printing and listening to dynamic music scores for soloist instruments and groups up to 16 instruments. It fits very well for choirs and bands of any style. The number of measures and pages is no more limited and the page layout may be modified (number of measures per staff, number of systems per page,...). The result is a beautiful score, easy to perform. Pizzicato Beginner contains the features of Pizzicato Light (including the full music course).


All Features To Write,Print, Compose And Arrange Music


Pizzicato Professional serves you to write, compose, print and listen to powerful music pieces for any soloist instrument and complete orchestra. The page setup may be zoomed in and out to create score reductions or big scores. Pizzicato Professional contains several additional tools to write music sheets in a way far more flexible than pen and paper (writing for percussion instruments, various note heads, personal tools and palettes, parts extraction,...). It also delivers various smart modules to help you compose music, as the proposal of chords on a melody, the creation of structured accompaniments, the assembling of music blocks into a composition,... The Professional version contains the features of the Beginner and Light version (including the full music course).