Picture Cutout Guide Software 2.1

Picture Cutout Guide Software 2.1

Picture Cutout Guide Software 2.1    |     6.8 Mb


Picture Cutout Guide - a program for separating objects from the background and conduct of photomontage. Separates objects from arbitrary background and puts them on other pictures. Allows you to apply effects to the background - fill with a choice of color, shading and blur with the choice of intensity.


Features at a glance :

  • Picture Cutout Guide allows you to add effects to the background.
  • You can do shading, blur, add a background color or make it monochrome.
  • The blurring and darkening will focus on the main site, will remove the rough patches or unwanted noise, will give an interesting effect photography.
  • The degree of darkening and smearing change the sliders, which makes it possible to quickly find the correct values.
  • Fill Color and Mono can do any color from the palette offered in the program.
  • Also, you can swap the object and background, in this case, all the effects you can apply to the main subject.
  • Functions of the rotation and change the cut size object can be used with imagination.

 To create avatars and photo montages are often required to cut an object (person, animal, car, etc.) from one image and move it to another. The difficulty is usually the Department of the object from the background, often performed quite complex programs that require detailed study and special skills. Program Picture Cutout Guide will give you the opportunity to creatively about your photos and make a montage without special training.


 In order to separate the subject from the background you need to specify the approximate boundary separates the object. Tool size can be changed (mouse wheel or slider). This allows you to specify the boundaries of large parts with a wide brush, and small details - narrow. After pressing the "separate", the program allocates a precise line. If there are errors, you can manually restrict the approximate boundary in the right place and repeat the separation. Then you can apply to the background effects, keep carved object, and then apply it to any other image. The object can be rotated to change its size and proportions reflect both vertically and horizontally. The program stores all the objects you cut, you can always quickly apply for photomontage. Picture Cutout Guide has a convenient interface to return to any number of steps back. All features are shown in the demo that will allow you to quickly master the program and start working on your photos.


 The Picture Cutout Guide application was developed to be a program that will allow users to separate objects from the background and makes a photomontage. Picture Cutout Guide allows you to change the size or aspect ratio of an image keeping the "important" features intact and remove objects from photo without visible traces.


Wide Edge

  • This tool allows you to separate an object from its background, to apply background effects (filling, shadowing, blur), and to separately store an object for later pasting onto another image.
  • Size - adjusts the size of the tool (tool size may be adjusted by rotating the mouse wheel, or by using the page up / down keys).
  • Separate - begin separating an object from its background. Wide edge must be indicated by the brush.
  • Clear - allows you to completely clear the wide edge.
  • Effect - applies a selected background effect. An object must be separated from its background.
  • Swap - swaps the object and its background. An effect must be applied previously.
  • Store - stores the separated object for later pasting onto another image. An effect must be applied previously.
  • Done - finishes processing after effect applying.
  • Background: Color - fills the background by selecting color.
  • Background: Shadow - reduces the background brightness. The shadow degree indicated by trackbar.
  • Background: Blur - blurs the background. The blur degree indicated by trackbar.
  • Background: Monochrome - makes the background monochrome by the selected color.


Paste Object

  • This tool allows pasting an object (separated from its background by another tool) into an image. It also is possible to transform the object using vertical and horizontal reflection.
  • The object selected for pasting is displayed on the tool top.
  • Rotation - allow you to rotate selected object at an arbitary angle.
  • Delete - deletes the selected object. Deleted objects cannot be recovered.
  • Thumbnails of the objects that can be selected are displayed on the tool bottom. To select an object, click on its thumbnail.


What's new in 2.1.0

Memory usage is reduced.


Product Name : Picture Cutout Guide

Version : 2.1.0

Year : 2011

Operating System : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Language : English and Russian

Medicine : Present  [Crack – replace in installation directory]

Size :  7.1 Mb