O&O Defrag Pro 14.0.145 (Portable)

O&O Defrag Pro 14.0.145 (Portable)

O&O Defrag Pro 14.0.145 (Portable)      |      21.6 Mb


O&O Defrag is a useful tool to put in place each of these "snippets" of data on your hard drive clutter causing worsening performance. It is inevitable that the use of things build up PC files here and there, so unorganized, unstructured, leading to more clearly noticeable slow performance. You can defragment your hard disk with the tool that incorporates all your Windows, rather limited in options, or take advantage of the benefits of specific utilities like this.


Some of the advantages that have O&O Defrag on Defrag for Windows is greater flexibility with five levels of defragmentation different, the possibility to work simultaneously with multiple hard drives or defragmented automatically at a certain level of disorder are some of them.