Jaws PDF Creator 4.1

Jaws PDF Creator 4.1

Jaws PDF Creator 4.1 (Incl.Key)      |    18.88 Mb


Jaws PDF Creator is an affordable and reliable means of creating high quality PDF files from virtually any document, in any application. Using Jaws PDF Creator, businesses are able to easily create electronic documents that can be shared across a wide range of hardware and software.

Jaws PDF Creator is a simple application to install, deploy and use that provides seamless PDF creation from any application. If you can print and save, you can create PDF files. And with toolbar icons in Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint, creating PDF files couldn't be easier! PDF configuration settings are supplied that satisfy most users' needs or can be customized.


Features at a glance :

Jaws PDF Creator operates in several modes:

If you can print, you can easily create PDF files. No training is required. It installs as a printer in the Windows® or Macintosh® Printing System allowing you to 'print' to a PDF file directly from any application.

It installs as a toolbar icon in Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint allowing business users to easily create ‘intelligent’ PDF files

Highly configurable PDF files

Jaws PDF Creator ships with three pre-defined configurations which enable the creation of PDF files optimized for high resolution production printing, printing to desktop devices, or, publishing on the web. Users can also define and save their own custom output configurations. The Import and export of defined configurations allows the sharing of corporate standards.

Documents protected and secured

Confidential or sensitive business documents often require restricted user access. Jaws PDF Creator allows users to define document features such as printing, annotating, editing and copying text. Access can also be limited or restricted by assigning ‘file open’ passwords. To secure files, Jaws PDF Creator uses 128-bit encryption in the BSAFE® library from RSA Corporation.

Simple deployment

Enterprises can deploy and update Jaws PDF Creator across a network using administrative network deployment tools. Organizations can pre-define their standard configuration settings and distribute the Jaws PDF Creator installer with their ‘standardized’ PDF setting across the whole organization.

Color accuracy

Those using Jaws PDF Creator to create PDF files for high-end proofing and print production will see greater accuracy in files containing device-independent CIE-based colors. CIE-based color spaces, such as CalGray, CalRGB, Lab or an ICC profile, are stored within the PDF file produced by Jaws PDF Creator.

Prepress options for Graphic Arts

Global Graphics offers a range of profiles and plug-ins that are supplied with Jaws PDF Creator for the pre-press markets. These include a wide range of pre-press plug-ins; Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG) best practice profiles and plug-ins for creating GWG approved PDF output; and plug-ins that enable PDF/X output from Jaws PDF Creator.

  • ·         Easily create PDF files from any application
  • ·         ‘One click’ creation from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • ·         Create ‘intelligent’ PDF files automatically with bookmarks, links and metadata
  • ·         Secure: uses 128-bit encryption
  • ·         Powerful prepress options including PDF/X support