Harbinger (2010) – Action Game

Harbinger (2010) – Action Game

Harbinger (2010) – Action Game



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The skies darken as Harbinger enters a solar system, dwarfing planets and leaving devastation in its wake. Entire civilizations are cleansed, planets eliminated. The majority of the survivors fill the ship’s work camps. Those less fortunate are released to the laboratories where vicious experiments eventually rid them of their sanity. But a few have escaped and formed an underground society deep within the forgotten levels of the behemoth. Equipped only with what they can scavenge, the denizens of the wastelands must resist the relentless patrols sent for them. A ship this size has many places to hide and much technology to exploit.


Features :

  • • Unique science fiction setting. Three character classes – Each offering a unique play experience.
  • • Advanced artificial intelligence, which promotes unpredictable gameplay.
  • • First and third person player options

Minimum System Requirements :


System : PIII 500 or equivalent

RAM : 128 MB

Video Memory : 16 MB

Hard Drive Space : 650 MB




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