Furniture Making Collection

Furniture Making Collection

Furniture Making Collection   |    2010   |    English   |    102 Mb


Anyone with a serious interest in furniture making, whether student or teacher, enthusiastic amateur or committed professional, is guaranteed to find an answer to most of their questions somewhere in these four books, and will understand why it has proved an invaluable work of reference to craftsmen for so many years.


Tables can represent some of the simplest pieces of furniture to make and offer a good grounding in one of the oldest joints in woodworking. Chairs, on the other hand, seem to create a love-hate relationship. Some makers will tackle them only very reluctantly; others relish the challenge.


This collection of projects will help you to decide not only what you do want but what you don’t want, too. If any of the designs are not to your personal taste, look instead at the methods the maker has applied; they may offer a solution to another furniture project. Above all, I hope the selection will provide you with stimulating ideas and further enjoyment of the making process




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