Fix Your Own PC - Step by Step Method (Vol. 11, Issue–1)

Fix Your Own PC - Step by Step Method (Vol. 11, Issue–1)

Fix Your Own PC – Step by Step Method (Vol. 11, Issue – 1)

Ronald D.Kobler | English | ISBN : 123482788RT0001 | 164 pages | PDF | 5.39 Mb


Computers are wonderful tools that occasionally refuse to work the way they should. When something does go wrong, you can avoid frustrating (and costly) downtime by learning to fix your own PC. Use the basic troubleshooting techniques and step-by step instructions in this issue to solve hundreds of common hardware and software problems.


As time goes on, PCs continue to increase in complexity and our reliance upon them continues to grow. More often than not, both increases are perfectly complementary, as millions of people across the globe turn their computers on each day to use them for research, leisure, entertainment, or learning. But that paired reliance—us relying on our PCs and our PCs relying on us for maintenance— isn’t always a happy fairy tale; sometimes the experience breeds frustration, especially when the PC just doesn’t work, and we don’t know why.


Thankfully, however, troubleshooting a PC is largely an exercise in the process of elimination; following a standardized procedure with the right tools can go a long way toward diagnosing your computer’s ailment and getting you back on the right track. Knowing what is broken is the cornerstone of knowing how to fix it, so read on to become a pro at investigating your problem and discovering that crucial cornerstone.


Contents :

  • ·         Your PC Won’t Start
  • ·         Your Printer Won’t Print
  • ·         You Can’t Get Online
  • ·         Your Browser Has Been Hijacked
  • ·         You’re Pestered By Pop-up Ads
  • ·         Your PC Has A Virus
  • ·         Your LAN Isn’t Working
  • ·         You Can’t Access A WLAN
  • ·         You Can’t Send Or Receive Email
  • ·         You Can’t Open Email Attachments
  • ·         You’re Having Video Problems
  • ·         You’re Having Audio Problems
  • ·         You Can’t Install Something
  • ·         You Can’t Delete Something
  • ·         You Accidentally Delete Something
  • ·         Your PC Starts Slowly
  • ·         Your PC Runs Slowly Or Erratically
  • ·         Your PC Internet Connection Is Slow
  • ·         Your PC Shuts Down Slowly Or Won’t Shut Down At All
  • ·         You Can’t Burn A CD/DVD
  • ·         Your System Restore Won’t Work
  • ·         Your Cell Phone Won’t Work

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