C1 - Component One Studio 2010 1.01

C1 - Component One Studio 2010 1.01

C1 - Component One Studio 2010 v1.01 (Incl. Keygen)        587 Mb


This new release of ComponentOne Studio contains many improvements and new controls that can be used in developing applications using core technologies such as ASP.NET, Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Also, now set ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is fully compatible with the development environment Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.


As part of Component One Studio Enterprise 2010 includes :

  • ·         Studio for WinForms
  • ·         Studio for WPF
  • ·         Studio for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ·         Studio for Silverlight
  • ·         Studio for iPhone
  • ·         Studio for Mobile
  • ·         Studio for ActiveX

ComponentOne components for ASP.NET-AJAX platforms offer unlimited opportunities to expand the functionality of a Web application on the client side. For example, the GridView to display data in a predetermined layout, now supports asynchronous paging and sorting. Treeview element for the tree view of data now supports drag and drop nodes. Also, the class of 2010 offers developers several completely new controls for data visualization and report generation. In particular, the control ComponentOne ReportViewer for ASP.NET AJAX enables you to quickly create interactive reports and embed them in applications using a variety of additional elements of visualization, including a new linear and radial indicators.


New components for the platform Silverlight, are included in the release of ComponentOne 2010, contain the fastest and most functional control to display data in the layout - ComponentOne DataGrid. This element provides a top speed of response when loading and scrolling through large amounts of data. Significant changes were made, and other popular control, including the RichTextBox, TreeView and Book. Emphasizes the compatibility of a new set of components for Silverlight Silverlight 3 and 4.


With regard to a set of components for the platform WPF - they move about the same pace with the components for Silverlight. The new version of Studio for WPF platform now includes more controls, borrowed from the collection of Silverlight, including calendar Scheduler, an element of timing and dates DateTimePicker, item editing timestamps TimeEditor, as well as elements DockControl, TabControl, and Window. The new version significantly improved performance by grouping and sorting data in a Grid for WPF. The component Chart for WPF to create charts and graphs introduces new elements of the scroll, summary charts and restrictions on the axes.


It is important to note another aspect of the application components ComponentOne - mobile applications. For example, components of mobile Web applications for the iPhone is now supported with Visual Studio 2010 as well as all the most popular mobile platforms, including Android, Nexus One, Palm Pre and Opera Mini. All these controls are based on technologies ASP.NET, allows developers to create cutting-edge Web sites that mimic the look of the original application for the iPhone and the iPod, and with support for touch interfaces. The main value to developers is that the developer himself can continue to work with the environment Microsoft Visual Studio and write in the usual C # or VB. It turns out that using already accumulated baggage of code, the developer can make their web applications mobile.


Release Year :   2010

Version :   v 1.01

System requirements :   Visual studio 2010/2008 (.Net 4.0/3.5/3.0)

Interface/Language :   English

Medicine :   Present   [ License Generator : Run before installation ]











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