Analog Circuit Design

Analog Circuit Design

Analog Circuit Design

Herman Casier




ISBN: 978-1-4020-8262-7


362 pages




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Sensors, Actuators and Power Drivers, Integrated Power Amplifiers from Wireline to RF, Very High Frequency Front Ends. Analog Circuit Design is based on the yearly Advances in Analog Circuit Design workshop. The aim of the workshop is to bring together designers of advanced analogue and RF circuits for the purpose of studying and discussing new possibilities and future developments in this field.


The book comprises 17 tutorial papers, divided in three chapters, each discussing a very relevant topic in present days analog design.

1. Sensors, Actuators and Power Drivers for the Automotive and Industrial Environment

2. Integrated PA’s: from Wireline to RF

3. Very High Frequency Front Ends


The series provides a valuable overview of analog circuit design and related CAD, mainly in the fields of basic analog modules, mixed-signal electronics, AD and DA converters, RF systems and automotive electronics. It is a reference for whoever is engaged in these disciplines and wishes to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.


Useful Contents


Part I : Sensors, Actuators and Power Drivers for the Automotive and Industrial Environment

  • • Heterogeneous Integration of Passive Components for the Realization of RF-System-in-Packages
  • • The Eye-RIS CMOS Vision System
  • • An Inductive Position Sensor ASIC
  • • CMOS Single-Chip Electronic Compass with Microcontroller
  • • Protection and Diagnosis of Smart Power High-Side Switches in Automotive Applications

Part II : Integrated PA’s: from Wireline to RF

  • • Integrated CMOS Power Amplifiers for Highly Linear Broadband Communication
  • • Power Combining Techniques for RF and mm-Wave CMOS Power Amplifiers
  • • Switched RF Transmitters
  • • High-Speed Serial Wired Interface for Mobile Applications
  • • High Voltage xDSL Line Drivers in Nanometer Technologies
  • • VoIP SLIC Open Platform: The Wideband Subscriber Line Interface Circuit for Voice over IP (VoIP) Applications

Part III : Very High Frequency Front Ends

  • • Systems and Architectures for Very High Frequency Radio Links
  • • Key Building Blocks for Millimeter-Wave IC Design in Baseline CMOS
  • • Analog/RF Design Concepts for High-Power Silicon based mmWave and THz Applications
  • • SiGe BiCMOS and CMOS Transceiver Blocks for Automotive Radar and Imaging Applications in the 80-160 GHz Range
  • • A Comparison of CMOS and BiCMOS mm-Wave Receiver Circuits for Applications at 60GHz and Beyond
  • • Integrated Frontends for Millimeterwave Applications Using III-V Technologies



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