All to PDF Converter 4.1.0

All to PDF Converter 4.1.0

All to PDF Converter 4.1.0    |   12 Mb


Quickly convert to PDF from 300+ file types. … form fill, annotate and sign PDF files; and do it all on-screen .Now you can convert any printable file format to a PDF with almost 100% accuracy with 1-2-3 All to PDF.


Quick All to PDF helps users convert files into PDF format. Sporting a very simple format and very impressive results, users will have no problem overlooking some of the quirks that come with this program.


What files can you convert to PDF ?

Any file that is printable in the Windows environment can be converted to PDF through All To PDF. This includes Word, PPT, Illustrator, Photoshop, AutoCAD, HTML, Excel and scanned files among others.

  • • Accessing All To PDF
  • • Converting files to PDF
  • • Opening converted PDF files
  • • Advanced Options
  • • Sent file as attachment
  • • Exiting All To PDF

Users will need to look at the Getting Started Web site, which automatically appears when this program is downloaded. Beginning the conversion process is unlike similar programs we have tested and anyone ignoring these quick instructions will be confused. Beyond this, though, the program interface was highly intuitive, guiding us every step of the way. Converting a Word doc, Excel file, or other item to a PDF requires hitting the Print button and ensuring All to PDF is replacing your usual printer. From this point, selecting a destination for the PDF only required a simple file tree and conversion was a simple button click. Conversion was slower than expected, taking more than a minute for a small Word doc, but ultimately proved successful and worth the wait.


The program also boasts excellent special features such as adding watermarks, passwords, and creator information to the document. All were easily managed and quickly applied to the PDF. Unfortunately, the trial only allows for up to 10 conversions. But while it took a little extra time to get started, this program's quick and effective production erased any doubts and makes it a great download for anyone looking to convert to PDF.


Quick All to PDF is a PDF Creator that allows user to create PDF file from any windows printable file. You can use Quick All to PDF as a virtual printer. Quick All to PDF is simple and speedy to use with four easy ways to access like Drag-and-drop, Microsoft Add-In, Print command from any application or simply by right click. It retains 100% formatting and creates an exact replica of your original document in PDF as well as PDF/A format. The application has advanced features like One-click Batch Conversion, Merging Multiple PDF files, Setting PDF file properties, Adding security/password to your PDF, Creating watermarks for your PDF.


Accessing All To PDF

All To PDF can now be accessed in 3 different ways :


1. All To PDF can be accessed when you give a Print command through any Windows based application. Just select AllToPDF as the printer name in the Printers dropdown menu and the All To PDF application window will open up.

2. Add-Ins have been introduced for Microsoft Word , Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point files and also Microsoft Outlook. You can now directly create PDF from within the specified Microsoft applications.

3. Adding flexibility in terms of usage, you can now create PDF by simply right clicking the mouse on the file to be converted.


Accessing Batch Converter

Batch Converter can be accessed when you open All To PDF through All Programs in the start Menu of your computer. This feature allows the user to Batch Convert multiple files. All your Text Files, Microsoft Word files, Microsoft Excel files, Microsoft Power Point files and even your Image files can be converted through Batch Conversion.


Converting files to PDF

1 Open the file to be converted in it’s native application. For e.g. open a Word file in Microsoft Word or PPT in PowerPoint. Common image formats like JPGs and GIFs can be opened in any application that will support them. Under the File menu of the application, select the Print command. In the Printer Name dropdown menu, select AllToPDF. Click the OK or Print button (as the case may be). You can also use the Add-Ins provided with all windows based applications or Just right click of the mouse on the file will get you access .

2. This will open the All To PDF application window.

3. In the All To PDF application window, click the Browse button to select a location to save the converted PDF file.

4. Select the ‘Open after Conversion’ checkbox to open the file in Acrobat Reader after conversion - if required.

5. You may set the Advanced Options as per your requirement

6. Click ‘Send Files as Attachment’ button to send the output PDF files as an attachment.


Opening converted PDF files

You can open converted PDF files in Adobe Acrobat Reader or in any other PDF viewer. The converted file is a true PDF in all respects with all ensuing functionalities in place.


Display Advanced Options :


General : Set Document Properties like Title, Author, Subject and Keywords to help organize your documents.

Security : Set Document Properties like Title, Author, Subject and Keywords to help organize your documents. Secure your PDF files using 40-bit or 128-bit encryption algorithms.

Password : Protect your PDF files. You can restrict who can view, edit, copy, print or add comments to your document.

Display : Select display properties with rotation style of your document at the rotation degree of your choice.

Watermark : Make most attractive watermarks. Create your own watermark for your PDF file. Watermark can be created by giving your own text, selected its font, color, style, font size and rotation angle according to your choice. You can save your self designed watermarks with the button named Save Watermark for later use. These custom watermarks can later be accessed from the Sample watermark dropdown. We have some predefined sample PDF for you. If you want you can select any of our pre-designed watermarks and make it your own without spending extra time.

Merge : Use this option to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF document. The files having password protection can not be converted so it is important to merge files that are not having any password. You can select file, remove file or clear all according to your requirement. You can drag and drop particular files to rearrange their order.

Profile : This feature helps you in saving the properties you have set in the Advanced Tab for later use.

Load profile : You can load your own profile with ‘Load Profile’ button.

Delete profile : Delete unwanted profiles with ‘Delete Profile’ button.

Save profile : Save profile by clicking on ‘Save Profile’ button.


Sent file as attachment :

Click ‘Send Files as Attachment’ button to send the output PDF files as an attachment.


Exiting All To PDF

Click the Exit button in the top bar of All To PDF to close the application window. Since AllToPDF is a virtual printer it is always accessible from the Printer Name dropdown menu when a Print command is given from any Windows application.


Performance Enhanced

The power of working faster and better has been made an integral feature of All To PDF. It allows the users to achieve more in a less span of time. Processing time is reduced to minimal in the new version.


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